How Safe Is<br />
Your Data?

How Safe Is
Your Data?

WaveGard is a cyber security firm dedicated to empowering you in the fight against today's toughest sensitive data threats. Where you're unsure of your exposure, we bring clarity. When you need a clear path to regulatory compliance and risk reduction, we guide you there.


Mobile Users +

Mobile users literally have your data in their hands — email, corporate apps, remote desktop and raw data access


Malware +

Every day, adversaries pump out 1000's of zero-day malware variants targeting users and subverting devices — traditional firewalls, AV & IPS are all blind

Cloud Services

Cloud Services +

Cloud services provide a convenient way for employees to upload corporate files to unidentified data centers


Internally +

Internal networks are often a jumble of server sprawl that's devolved over time — a situation ripe for falling out of compliance and being hacked

New Media

New Media +

Workforce demographics are changing ushering in strong social media & video streaming interest. Productivity loss & bandwidth consumption must be balanced against legitimate use.

You're losing control

A connected world full of new ways to execute business and adversaries ever on the attack means your data has many ways to move

Risk Intelligence

Risk Intelligence

Risk Intelligence is your guide to a deeper understanding of your cybersecurity weaknesses through deep dive IT asset analysis. Our client’s agree that WaveGard’s succinct business and technical reporting is refreshing and highly usable towards risk reduction and regulatory compliance forward progress.

Cyber Defense

Cyber Defense

Cyber Defense is the opportunity to get your security house in order by using existing protective controls more effectively or by investing in new, modern solutions suitable to handling today’s sophisticated threats.

Smart Mobility

Smart Mobility

Smart Mobility gets your hands around post-PC challenges by securely and smartly managing the use of cutting-edge corporate and BYOD mobile equipment.

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