It was our pleasure to have WaveGard president Rick Dreger on the panel of experts to discuss cyber security and risk management at the Gannett/USA Today corporate HQ building. It was a pleasure to be discussing such topical content with Mark, Bobby, Derek, and Scott. Each panelist was able to bring a unique perspective to the discussion, bolstered by years of experience and thoughtful commentary.

The audience was engaged and provided a number of thought provoking questions and comments. If you couldn’t make this event we hope to see you for the next one!

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Cyber Security – Know the Risks and Protect Your Company

A must attend event for C-Level Executives, Human Resource Directors, and Business Owners concerned about the impact of increasing cyber risks on their business and protecting the bottom line.

Cyber crime is on the rise (global losses are estimated at $500 billion per year) as is the amount of sensitive electronic information that we all store.

Every day we read about large, well known corporations being hacked. The average data breach costs $3.5 million – a huge monetary and time cost for any organization. Cyber threats are becoming more sophisticated, and the harm to your organization could be devastating. Fortunately, more and more businesses are putting cyber security at the top of the priorities list. Staying informed about the risks, the potential harm, and the methods for managing those risks are key to your organization’s success.

  • Does your IT staff have a strategy in place to protect sensitive client and employee information against hacking, carelessness and theft?
  • What happens if a hacker steals your employee PII or PHI?
  • What is your legal and insurance exposure when your data protection measures are not enough?
  • What is your company’s liability and how much will it cost?

In our upcoming seminar we will explore these questions by bringing together a distinguished panel of Cyber Security, Legal, Insurance and Audit experts to explore the impact of a data breach. They will be discussing data breaches in the news, effective cyber defense strategies, the legal and financial implications of a breach, and the cyber insurance protections necessary for companies.

Mark D. Troutman, PhD
Director, Center for Infrastructure Protection/Homeland Security
George Mason University

Derek Symer, CPCU, Principal, AHT Insurance
Bobby Turnage, Partner, Venable LLP
Rick Dreger, CISSP/CISA, President & Co-founder, WaveGard
Scott Heflin, CISA, CRMA, CRISC, SC&H Group

2 CPE credits will be offered to those in attendance.

AHT Insurance hosts frequent no-cost events on business and insurance related topics. These sessions are designed to educate our clients, prospects and the business community on topics of current interest as they relate to managing risk. We hold in-person seminars, online webinars and speak at numerous industry events providing thought leadership and expertise.

Registration is now closed. Please join us for our next event!

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