Smart Mobility

Mobile devices are the future

The challenge for businesses is integrating mobile devices into the workflow without placing data at undue risk. It is now commonplace for each employee to have three or more devices—laptops, tablets, smartphones—available to them at any given time. Each one plays its own role at being the best tool for a given job and users are demanding access. Is your organization ready to embrace smart mobility and proactively address the complexities associated with bring your own device (BYOD) solutions?

Develop a post-PC vision

WaveGard’s Smart Mobility offering develops your vision for post-PC computing. As with our other offerings, WaveGard focuses intensely on understanding your organization’s mobility requirements and how they integrate with core mission processes.  Mobility is as much about flexibility and choice, as it is about extending business access.  Smart Mobility includes defining requirements for mobile users, developing cogent mobility policies, leveraging controls, and device management capabilities that match your risk profile and corporate style. The ultimate goal of Smart Mobility is to develop and implement a plan that allows your company to securely and smartly use cutting-edge mobile equipment.

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With almost 40 years in the technology business I've met and worked with a significant number of vendors. When I select a vendor to work with it's not just about the technical expertise, it's also about the relationship and how the vendor staff "fit in" with my internal staff. I've had the pleasure of working with WaveGard for several years. I have found them to be one of those exceptional companies that have the depth of knowledge, the vision and the relationship skills that allow them to complement the technical abilities of in place staff while building upon and expanding those abilities into new areas of technology.

Jack Spencer , CIO , American Society of Health System Pharmacists