Risk Intelligence

Your business is not a generic commodity

Your business is unique. It has many moving parts – and information is the lifeblood. Whether internally created or entrusted to you by business partners and clients, information is your responsibility to protect. But, more often than not, the effectiveness of security programs and technical security controls are murky at best. External agents, bad actors, and careless employees are constantly nibbling away at the cybersecurity controls you have in place and misusing your intellectual property. Risk Intelligence provides situational awareness of where you are today along with detailed recommendations for reducing risk and increasing regulatory compliance. We’ll show you how security can be an asset that drives new business for the organization while protecting existing resources.

Clearly see security weakness and fix it

Risk Intelligence is WaveGard’s premier service offering. Its aim is to provide clarity on cybersecurity weaknesses so that risks can be minimized. To attain this goal, we begin by listening and understanding how you do business. While we believe strongly in both industry and company vertical best practices, we understand that one solution does not fit all environments or corporate cultures.  Next, WaveGard’s team of industry experts performs a “deep dive” on your key IT assets, components and processes. Element interactions are thoroughly analyzed. Role specific findings are produced.

Your roadmap for risk reduction

C-Level leaders are presented with a succinct strategic findings report.  Technical managers and staff receive detailed findings for each assessed component that serves as a work-off plan for mitigation activities. Our results are your guide to a deeper understanding of what needs to be fixed and a roadmap for how to proceed.

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WaveGard is, without a doubt, a top-notch IT firm. They've been completely professional and easy to work with. Complex analysis of our IT systems have been converted into actionable plans for our firm, thereby creating a path that makes our jobs easier. Given the outstanding reputation of the staff of WaveGard and the outstanding work that they have done for our firm, I can fully recommend them as a sound economic value; they deliver actionable information for management and tactical staff in a professional manner that goes beyond their fee.

Cynthia Downes , CFO , Versar, Inc.