Cyber Defense

Threats morph. Controls are static.

Cybersecurity threats continue to evolve and morph at a rapid pace. In contrast, the security infrastructure is far more static and struggles to keep up with the dynamic threat landscape. Aging security products, overtasked IT teams, and an accelerated operational pace impact the efficacy of your security controls.

Get your security house in order

WaveGard Cyber Defense is the opportunity to get your security house in order and solves two major business problems. First, we help optimize our clients’ sizable capital investments in technology gear that is often languishing due to a lack of time or in-house expertise. Second, we identify ineffective security controls that lack the ability to address today’s threats. We are often solicited for opinions and recommend compelling contemporary solutions suitable to handling sophisticated threats. These discussions often lead to hybrid solutions that improve on what you have combined with investments in best-of-breed gear.

Listen, recommend, do

Our experts spend time listening and understanding your business requirements before recommending a cybersecurity approach.  Working side-by-side with your in-house team, our experts typically integrate hybrid solutions to ensure proper staff mentoring and handoff. Cyber Defense projects unite best practices and products for a wide range of scenarios.


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WaveGard is, without a doubt, a top-notch IT firm. They've been completely professional and easy to work with. Complex analysis of our IT systems have been converted into actionable plans for our firm, thereby creating a path that makes our jobs easier. Given the outstanding reputation of the staff of WaveGard and the outstanding work that they have done for our firm, I can fully recommend them as a sound economic value; they deliver actionable information for management and tactical staff in a professional manner that goes beyond their fee.

Cynthia Downes , CFO , Versar, Inc.