No it’s not an April fools prank, but it seems apropos that a new blog entry would show up today! The last year has been an amazing whirlwind of activity, amazing opportunities, and cybersecurity presentations. Unfortunately, all the projects have impacted my ability to blog and write new articles. But now I’m back and looking forward to gear back up the social media engine and start getting back out there.

In the meantime, let me catch you up on some highlights from the past months. In November I was honored to be offered the opportunity to teach the capstone course for Georgetown University’s new cybersecurity certificate class, XBUS-605. The inaugural group was an amazing, diverse group of professionals seeking to improve their cybersecurity skills. The next class is coming up in only a few weeks ( )… I can’t wait to meet this next round of students and discuss risk management, security awareness, cutting edge technologies and much more!

March brought WaveGard the chance to talk in front of the Baltimore ISC2 chapter on risk management through our partnership with NetCraftsmen. Many thanks for the fantastic discussion and opportunity to present to such an experienced group of people! If you’re looking for a local chapter near Columbia MD check them out –

April is shaping up to be a gangbuster month for us. With the new XBUS class, fascinating consulting projects, and two speaking engagements – I can’t wait to follow up with the highlights. If you’re interested I will be co-presenting along with my colleague Geoff Giulino at the Cisco Mid-Atlantic User Group (CMUG) session April 15th on “Making Smart Cybersecurity Decisions… And Implementing Them With Cisco/Meraki”. The second big event is on April 22nd where WaveGard, AHT Insurance, Venable and the SC&H Group are teamed up to provide a dynamic panel discussion called “Cyber Security – Know the Risks and Protect Your Company” ( ) Hope to see you there!